Stories to Tell in the Middle of the Night

Spine-tingling spoken word

A series of 9 episodes of short, strange tales. Small stories, odd, true, funny and familiar that reflect the night hours themselves.

Each episode has a set of Stories that visit a different kind or part of the night. They are Stories that aren’t always about the night but carry a sense of the night, of being awake when no one else is, unrest, when the sleep won’t come. The things that keep us awake. Frustrations, irritations, fears, loss, love and lust. Each set of Stories is no longer than 30 minutes and has a theme that ties those stories together.

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A voice you want in your ears

Love Francesca Millican-Slater’s writing, storytelling and voice in my ears. I listen to these stories at night to help me sleep, sometimes I just want to keep listening so it doesn’t always work - loving these! Hoping for more one day! Thank you Francesca

from Rach1bee via Apple Podcasts

Stories we all need to hear

When we were younger- children and babies, the best time of the day was that moment we get tucked in by mum or dad and they tell us a story. As adults we rarely relax without a television, and I don’t think a story at night time is ever a bad thing. I’m a child at heart, to sleep I need sounds and this wonderful podcast is enveloping, fascinating, warm and atmospheric, creating a bedtime I didn’t realised I missed until I missed it. Beautifully told and beautifully written. Subscribe. Truly. You’ll be transported.

from Abiim via Apple Podcasts

Storytelling at its very best

Francesca is a natural born storyteller. I loved the thoughtfulness that continued in my head long after the stories ended. Thought provoking and original. I’ve been waiting for a podcast like this, can’t wait for the next instalment.

from NLouise Wills via Apple Podcasts

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