Masculine & Feminine Dynamics

Experience deep and healthy intimacy

Lorin speaks with great passion and intensity about how men and women can achieve deeper intimacy and greater connection. I edit Lorin’s words, provide show notes, and help manage promotional messaging within the podcast.

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Deep being and rich insight

Lorin is a deep being with a unique insight into love and human relationships. I love how he succinctly explores such subjects as father wounds or about the feminine and points to the root of our suffering. Out of the many teachers on Instagram he is the one who stands out for me with his incredible presence and energy.

from Mercury Fuchs via Apple Podcasts

Lorin’s truth will set you free

This man embodies his practice. You can try and run from his teachings all you like. But they are all true! Appreciate your work and service brother

from Charlie_B.20 via Apple Podcasts

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