How to Go to Work

Honest advice about the world of work

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The honest advice no one ever tells you at the start of your career, presented by author Lucy Clayton, and produced to coincide with the launch of the book How to Go to Work , written by Lucy Clayton and Steven Haines.

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The raw recordings are often long, sometimes rambling and it requires care to craft them into the final product. We've felt supported and understood by Mark throughout the process and enjoy collaborating enormously.
—Lucy Clayton, Author and podcaster, Dress: Fancy

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Insightful and Amazing!

As a person early in my career, these podcasts have put so much into perspective for me. I have learnt so much and can’t wait for the new podcasts every week. Thank you Lucy and Steve for all your help! Xx

from Kate Rana via Apple Podcasts


It’s the tips I wish I’d had starting out. I just assumed, as everyone does, I’d leave uni and get a job. Welcome to the world of being a grown up. Well done Lucy xx

from Mattheweades via Apple Podcasts


My new favourite podcast. Why did this not exist when I was first entering the world of work! Antonia’s story is simply astonishingly honest, brave, courageous and inspiring! How to be yourself should be her book! Thank you for curating all this wisdom Lucy and Steve.

from KS33 via Apple Podcasts

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