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A perfect dip into the worlds of fashion

I just adore the relaxed, luxury feel of these half hour servings of fashion based bliss!

There is for me, great contentment listening to these richly structured, intelligent discussions. Such surprise and delight to be exploring fashion, history and fabulously brilliant people in this way.

Lucy sparkles, her discussion style is pitch perfect and I have never once heard her say 'Ummm'. I must include here, praise for a seemingly rare and exceptional gift. As an interviewer, she has mastered the craft of truly listening to what is being said. This make for wonderful, engaging discussion and exchange.

from Learnerfashion via Apple Podcasts

Noble Ambitions and a great conversation

There are times when you come across something wonderful and you think, why have I not heard of this before? Such was it with Lucy and her Dress-Fancy interview with Adrian Tinniswood. I loved every minute of it. She is an amazing interviewer who clearly wants to get the best out of whoever she is talking to, and she succeeds. The banter, laughter and good humour were a joy. But her genuine interest in the subject came across so clearly. This is what makes her conversations a cut above the rest. I am now a devoted and enthusiastic fan. And, I’m off to buy a copy or two of the wonderful Noble Ambitions.

from WestmeathNel via Apple Podcasts


Brilliantly engaging and extremely interesting podcast with the sort of informal, yet passionate discussion which makes me feel like i am eavesdropping on two friends in conversation about their most favourite subject.. Peppered with enough hilarious, realistically sweary, spontaneous exchanges to make me spill my tea laughing.. Lucy and Ben are just BRILLIANT and worth every one of their five stars🤩🤩🤩

from inkylinda via Apple Podcasts

Costuming podcast heaven!

All the sartorial elegance and wit of Cecil Beaton, more art and history references than the Devonshire Ball. A podcast made from respectfully within the costuming community, in al it’s guises.

from Screechowl 2 via Apple Podcasts

Fashion is funny, who knew?!

Totally love this podcast, thoroughly addicted and check in every week. Thoughtful, intelligent, knowledgeable and always hilarious.... what’s not to love?!

from Poddy McCakeface via Apple Podcasts

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