Are you putting too much into your podcast and not getting enough back?

Lots of us use podcasts to let our audience know what we do and offer. They’re not big money-makers… in fact, for most of us, they probably lose money, but we do it for the love.

But money’s getting tighter and small business owners are getting squeezed in different directions. So how can you continue making a great and growing podcast when there’s so much else to juggle?

I believe most problems can be solved more easily when you get some heads together. If you’re feeling like things could be simpler, more enjoyable or more effective, or if you’re struggling with something specific, I think I have an idea.

I’m looking to start a small online community where we can meet weekly to chat through the questions and problems we’re dealing with, as subject matter experts who make podcasts.

Here’s how I think it’ll work

  • Weekly group sessions on
    • Mission & Marketing (podcast growth, clarity on your who/why)
    • Tech & Tactics (productivity, software, studio setup, podcasting on the go, AI)
    • Craft & Creativity (how do we make stuff people want to hear)
    • No Stupid Questions (bring anything at any level)
  • Videos and screencasts from me on common podcasting questions
  • A place to find and collaborate with other members
  • Feedback on your work from peers
  • Checklists, fact sheets, guides, stuff you can send to guests, etc
  • Product reviews to let you know whether the latest tool people are talking about is bullshit or not

The plan is to offer this at an introductory price of £30 (around $37) per month.

I know this is a yet another outlay, but the very real aim is to make the podcasting aspect of your life easier: quicker, cheaper, less stressful.

So, are you in?

I’m in 👊 (Register your interest)

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2 weeks, 2 days ago

just what I need!!!

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